What on earth is going on with Paul Giamatti and these Verizon commercials?

If you’re like me and have been watching NFL football for the last 3 months (Go Birds) then you are enraged with the fact that Paul Giamatti is being used to sell unlimited data for Verizon and Iphone.

During the month of December the ads first appeared with Giamatti dressed up as Scrooge yelling at Cecily Strong sitting on a large obnoxious Verizon sign about how shitty his cell service is, Now they continue with him dressed up as some bizarro version of Albert Einstein yelling about that same shitty cell service.

Paul, what is going on?

You played John Adams for Christ Sake!

If you ask any number of millennials like myself most of them they will say Big Fat Liar is one of the best pre teen/teen comedies of all time. The day I went to see that movie my dad wanted to take me, my brother, my sister and my cousin to see Lord of the Rings and we begged him to see BFL. He laughed harder than any of us did! Do you know how many times I said “Give me back my monkey” when I was kid? Countless times. I listened to Hungry like a Wolf because of Marty Wolf. Hell I even plagiarized a bit.

“I will not drink any fucking Merlot” is one of the funniest lines of all time. Win WIn is such a heartfelt and inspirational movie. Cinderella Man doesn’t get talked about nearly enough.

Did Pete Rose have something to do with this? To get back at your Dad

Do you have kids and grandkids? Do they need these Verizon checks?

You are one of my favorite actors of all time I can’t see you this way, playing dress up on national TV making sure parents with toddlers have unlimited data so their kids can watch you tube for 3 hours on an Ipad so they don’t cry in the cart at Target.

Verizon get someone else for this.


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