NFC title game

“I want every piece of Dallas” – Nick Scioli (my brother) at 12:20 am on Facetime

Welp Nick its not Dallas. It’s the San Francisco 49ers. Led by Mr. Irrelevant Brock Purdy and Nick Bosa. After dismantling the New York Football Giants 38-7…that score look familiar?, on Saturday night the Birds head to their second NFC title game in 5 years.

The Eagles will enter their 8th NFC Championship game all time favored by 2.5 at home at The Linc this Sunday. The Birds look to get their second Super Bowl in 6 years. Which is sentence I think many Eagles fans still have trouble comprehending. Two times in 5 years! Some Browns fans out there may think I sound like an asshole for saying that but for me it’s still hard to believe.

The 49ers defense who has been much talked about this year led by DPOY front runner Nick Bosa and LB Fred Warner enter Sunday with a league leading 16.3 OPP PPG and a vicious running attack led by Olivia Culpo’s boyfriend. Being called the one of the most complete teams in the NFL all year the Eagles do have some trouble stopping the run allowing an average of 121.4 rush yards all season. A calling card to Kyle Shanahan’s offense.

What San Fran defense isn’t ready for is the man that has been blessed by the football gods. Arthur Juan Brown Sr. And a pissed off AJ Brown at that. After only having 3 receptions for 22 yards on Saturday Brown was visibly upset on the sideline and one can only guess that was the reason why. The man is competitor he wants to be great in big games. I’m happy he was pissed! He was later caught on camera on the bench saying “I’m good.” So that means the rest of us are good.

After watching AJ Brown every week for the last 18 weeks I fully believe in the Men In Black theory that aliens are all around us and now I think the major motion picture starring Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones is based on true events. In fact I think the Eagles should bring back the Alien Iverson giveaway dolls next year but have them be some form of an AJ Brown alien. You’re welcome Mr. Lurie you can have that idea. AJ Brown running across the middle on a slant has become an automatic 10 yards if not more this season and a safety play for Jalen. Having him fired up and ready to play is going to be dangerous.

Hassan Reddick is going make Brock Purdy truly become Mr. Irrelevant. I can’t believe some one that athletic and talented could come out of South Jersey. It makes me proud to say I grew up in South Jersey now!

Sunday is going to be beautiful. Game time 3pm with a high of 53 and the promise of a gorgeous sunset over 95 and the Miller Lite Philte Deck..that’s to the west right? If I were you i’d go right now and camp out for a spot in line at Xfinity Live like you’re waiting in line for an Iphone. I feel foolish being worried about last weeks game against the Giants, the Eagles proved me wrong almost instantly. My optimism for this game is high. I think the Eagles will win 31-24 and will be heading to Arizona for the Super Bowl

Maybe Kliff Kingsbury will be renting out his porno house that weekend and some lucky Eagles fans will have the chance to stay there.

Go Birds.

What on earth is going on with Paul Giamatti and these Verizon commercials?

If you’re like me and have been watching NFL football for the last 3 months (Go Birds) then you are enraged with the fact that Paul Giamatti is being used to sell unlimited data for Verizon and Iphone.

During the month of December the ads first appeared with Giamatti dressed up as Scrooge yelling at Cecily Strong sitting on a large obnoxious Verizon sign about how shitty his cell service is, Now they continue with him dressed up as some bizarro version of Albert Einstein yelling about that same shitty cell service.

Paul, what is going on?

You played John Adams for Christ Sake!

If you ask any number of millennials like myself most of them they will say Big Fat Liar is one of the best pre teen/teen comedies of all time. The day I went to see that movie my dad wanted to take me, my brother, my sister and my cousin to see Lord of the Rings and we begged him to see BFL. He laughed harder than any of us did! Do you know how many times I said “Give me back my monkey” when I was kid? Countless times. I listened to Hungry like a Wolf because of Marty Wolf. Hell I even plagiarized a bit.

“I will not drink any fucking Merlot” is one of the funniest lines of all time. Win WIn is such a heartfelt and inspirational movie. Cinderella Man doesn’t get talked about nearly enough.

Did Pete Rose have something to do with this? To get back at your Dad

Do you have kids and grandkids? Do they need these Verizon checks?

You are one of my favorite actors of all time I can’t see you this way, playing dress up on national TV making sure parents with toddlers have unlimited data so their kids can watch you tube for 3 hours on an Ipad so they don’t cry in the cart at Target.

Verizon get someone else for this.