Tales from the Stock Room vol. 4

As XC season enters the bigger meets of the year here is a typical interaction between myself and a high school teenager who is trying on racing spikes. Usually a boy

Teen- I need spikes (Stares a hole in your face)

Me- Awesome! Do you know what size trainer you normally wear?

Teen- Uh size 10

Me- OK, lets get a measurement just to make sure

*Teen measures for a size 11*

Me- Ok I think 11 will be better lets start there and see how that feels

As this is going on you can feel the kids mom or dad’s eyes burning a hole through your soul. Like don’t fuck up my kids feet shoe boy.

I come back with spikes

Me- Have you worn spikes before?

Teen- No

Staff- Ok no problem. Just so you know spikes are very tight fitting and aren’t the most comfortable things to wear so keep that in mind when you’re trying them on

Teen- ok

*Tries spikes on*

Teen- They are too tight

Teen’s Parent- He’s saying they are too tight

Me- Ok just take a walk around a little bit and try to get adjusted to them

Me- Remember you won’t be wearing these for a long period of time. You run fast and then get to take them off right away haha

My poor attempt at humor

Teen’s Parent-

Teen- Can we try a bigger size?

Me- Yes of course that is no problem. But I will say if the spikes fits too long you may run into problems.

Teen- Uh ok

*The staff member goes back to the stock room and tries not to cry*

Me- Ok here is a half size up. Pretty dope color right?


Me- How is it feeling?

Teen- It feels big

*I say to myself “I’m dead inside”*

Me- Ok. I honestly think you will be ok in the smaller size. You want them to be a little tighter so it feels like it’s almost a part of you foot. It will make you feel lighter and quicker and give you that competitive advantage that you need in your race.

Teen- Ok I’ll do that

Teen’s Parent- At this point has totally checked out. Uhh yea sure ok lets do those.

Your patience is always tested.

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