Tales from the Stock Room vol. 4

As XC season enters the bigger meets of the year here is a typical interaction between myself and a high school teenager who is trying on racing spikes. Usually a boy

Teen- I need spikes (Stares a hole in your face)

Me- Awesome! Do you know what size trainer you normally wear?

Teen- Uh size 10

Me- OK, lets get a measurement just to make sure

*Teen measures for a size 11*

Me- Ok I think 11 will be better lets start there and see how that feels

As this is going on you can feel the kids mom or dad’s eyes burning a hole through your soul. Like don’t fuck up my kids feet shoe boy.

I come back with spikes

Me- Have you worn spikes before?

Teen- No

Staff- Ok no problem. Just so you know spikes are very tight fitting and aren’t the most comfortable things to wear so keep that in mind when you’re trying them on

Teen- ok

*Tries spikes on*

Teen- They are too tight

Teen’s Parent- He’s saying they are too tight

Me- Ok just take a walk around a little bit and try to get adjusted to them

Me- Remember you won’t be wearing these for a long period of time. You run fast and then get to take them off right away haha

My poor attempt at humor

Teen’s Parent-

Teen- Can we try a bigger size?

Me- Yes of course that is no problem. But I will say if the spikes fits too long you may run into problems.

Teen- Uh ok

*The staff member goes back to the stock room and tries not to cry*

Me- Ok here is a half size up. Pretty dope color right?


Me- How is it feeling?

Teen- It feels big

*I say to myself “I’m dead inside”*

Me- Ok. I honestly think you will be ok in the smaller size. You want them to be a little tighter so it feels like it’s almost a part of you foot. It will make you feel lighter and quicker and give you that competitive advantage that you need in your race.

Teen- Ok I’ll do that

Teen’s Parent- At this point has totally checked out. Uhh yea sure ok lets do those.

Your patience is always tested.

Tales from the Stock Room Vol. 3

It’s been a few weeks since my last post but we had a doozie the other day.

As New Jersey felt some after effects of Hurricane Ian this past week the store was mostly quiet do to rain, cloudy, and cold and damp weather. When its quiet it seems that more of the “interesting” clientele find their way into the store.

The door swings open to a man with no teeth walking in and something shaking in his pockets making him sound like some sort of maraca and half of a southern accent. Oh boy here we go..

Man- Hey buddy, I got something going on with my foot I think I need to be resized or something. I think it might be a blister. I felt something wrong this morning while I was power walking around the mall.

Yes, power walking around the mall

Me- Ok sure. Lets check it out

Man- *sits down and takes off the sock on his left foot off to reveal a foot with toe nails more yellow than lemon lime gatorade*

Me- Oh you don’t need to do…

Man- HEH??


Before I go further let me preface this and say I was in the middle of doing some organizing in the store and my co worker who could have helped this customer totally ignored him and stuck him with me so he could look up colors of an Apple Watch he was going to purchase.

Me- *Puts brannock device on the floor to get measurement*

Me- I would say lets go with a 13 wide. But let me check your current shoe to see what you are wearing for reference

His current shoe was a 13 4E. Which is an extra wide.

Me- Well, your current shoe is a 13 4E maybe we go down in width to a 2E which is still wide but not too wide. It’s possible that your foot has too much room and is moving around too much and causing some rubbing and that was is causing you to have a blister.

Man- I need a wide

Me- Yes I know we are still going to go with a wide not just quite as wide

Man- OK. But is it going to be a wide?

Me- Yes, it will still be a wide

I walk back to the stock room and question all of my life decisions up this point

Me- Ok I have something here that I think will work

Man- You know what I don’t think its a blister. Come over here and take a look at this.

My man proceeds to stick his foot in my face and starts pulling apart his toes to reveal a small paper cut like slash.

Man- I think I got a cut or something in between my toes

Me- Uhh yea I can see what you’re talking about.

Man- You think thats what is causing me the pain?

In the background I hear my co worker snickering and giggling to himself. I need to get this guy out of here

Me- Yes I think so. You mentioned a blister but I didn’t notice any blisters so it has to be that cut you have

Man- So you think its the cut?

Me- Yea I think so. Just let that heal and you should be good

Man- *Puts foot down and ponders for a second* Yea you know what it’s probably this dang cut.

Me- Yea just let that heal and you should be good to go.

Man- Ok buddy thanks for the help

Me- No problem have a good day.

I hope my co worker found a color he liked for his Apple Watch.