Beach Strength

What is the ultimate test of strength and endurance? Climbing Everest? Before the 1% ruined it? CrossFit? Running a marathon? Mixed Martial Arts? I think carrying beach supplies to and from the beach needs to be added to that list.

Going to the beach in the summer is one of the best things ever. Family vacation, summer love, late nights with friends and family there is nothing better. But i’m here to talk about the feats of strength people will showcase when going to the beach for the day.

There are a list of things that everyone needs to make a beach day successful. Beach chairs, a cooler(full of food and beverages), beach towels, an umbrella perhaps. Maybe you need to bring things like a tent for small children to lay in so they aren’t in the sun for too long. Beach toys. Football, frisbee or maybe spike ball for the competition and comradery. The brawn and energy it takes to carry those things to the beach from your car or house or what have you is overlooked in my opinion.

When carrying these things you are performing a farmer walk. A highly functional exercise. Core engagement. Working the shoulders. If you have seen any pro athlete’s offseason beach workout videos you would know that sand is one of the top natural resistances when it comes to movement either forward or lateral known to man. Now add that the fact that you’re carrying at least a 15 lb cooler in one hand and awkwardly long umbrella tucked up your armpit in the opposite arm. If thats not athleticism then I don’t know what is.

Don’t be surprised if this becomes the next internet fitness “hold my beer” thing. Where one of those idiots on IG straps 5 weight beach chairs around their body, while carry 2 umbrellas in each hand, and simultaneously balances two 20 pound coolers on their heads while walking barefoot on unbearably hot sand 3 miles away from where they are going to sit on the beach for the day.

To this I applaud (and also I give myself a pat on the back) all the weekend warriors out there for successfully completing these tasks each summer. Your efforts have not been overlooked. So when you are unloading your car with all that shit you need to carry just know I’m here for you. Well done.

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