Why you should listen to Eric “The Hip Hop Preacher” Thomas all the time.

Hello all of you “Milers” out there. This is Matt and this is my first blog post on the town mile. I just want to take a minute and tell you all how FIRE Eric “the hip hop preacher” Thomas is (fire is millennial talk for really really good). If you have never heard of Eric Thomas stop what you are doing and search him on you tube. I’ll wait right here till you are done. The guy is incredible. I have one of his “albums” I guess you can say on my Spotify playlist, and I listen to him regularly whether I’m at the gym or just walking around the beautiful city of Philadelphia. The guy gave a talk about his grandmothers fried chicken and it made me want to stop what I was doing and go climb Mt. Kilimanjaro. Well maybe not that extreme but you get my point the guy makes you want to run through a wall. The greatest thing about his speeches is the delivery and the way he tells real life stories and spins it into a useful way to navigate life. I.E. the fried chicken speech. A lot of motivational speakers are going to talk about a lot of the same things but with Eric Thomas the way he yells and screams (in a good way) and his swag is what attracts you and makes you see and hear how passionate he is about what he is saying. After you listen to him you want automatically want to try and be better and if you don’t it feels like you are disappointing him in some way. One of my personal favorites is when he ROASTS Celtics guard Marcus Smart for oversleeping and being late to a playoff against the Cavaliers. I think he was more pissed off then Danny Ainge probably was and he doesn’t even work of the team! Eric Thomas is my guy, Tony Robbins you can have your self help books and Netflix specials I’m rolling with ET till the end.



I mean if this video doesn’t get you fired up there is something wrong.

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